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Outdated website costing you new leads, but you just don't have time to get lost down the tech rabbit hole?

Then this FREE 5-Day Challenge is for you! Simple, actionable tips to improve your site sent straight to your inbox PLUS access to my Showit Canvas Design Bundle to make implementing these strategies a breeze!

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Is your website painfully outdated and not showing off your best work? Then consider this 5-Day Website Revamp Challenge your accountability partner. A few strategic changes can give your site the facelift it needs.

refresh the look & feel of your site without a rebrand


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Chances are you're leaving money on the table if you haven't touched your website in a while. Inside the challenge, you'll receive easy-to-implement tips to boost conversion rates and improve the user experience.


implement each day's tip in less than 30 minutes

I get it - there's just not enough hours in the day! That's why I designed this challenge to be straight-forward and practical, so you can implement each tip during your lunch break.

updating your website has never been easier.

The 5-Day Website Revamp Challenge is more than an email series. It also comes with a uniquely designed set of Showit canvas layouts corresponding to each day's topic. That means you can easily grab one of these beautiful designs, customize it for your brand, and add it to your site within minutes.

32 canvas designs for showit

video tutorial to get started

5 key website topics covered


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While the email tips apply to websites in general and can be implemented on your platform of choice, the Canvas Design Bundle is built only for the Showit platform. Personal use only.