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Design solutions to attract the clients you most want to serve.

We help you to be valued for the talented professional you are by crafting a beautiful brand identity and creative direction. We specialize in design that bridges the gap between you and your audience so you can grow your business with confidence.

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Mediocre brand design shouldn't be the reason you lose out to the competition.

Frustrated that you can't seem to break through or reach the level of success (and respect!) you desire? Poor design may be the culprit, silently undermining the amazing value you have to offer. Our creative solutions are designed to help you move the needle forward with an aligned brand identity that elevates your business in the eyes of prospective clients.

design solutions for your brand

Showit Website Templates

Our curated collection of Showit website templates and semi-custom brand kits for the DIY go-getter.

Brand Identity Design

For the aspiring entrepreneur that needs an aligned brand identity, website, and messaging strategy for long-term success.

VIP Design Days

Quick and focused design support to lighten your load, including website updates, media kit design and more.


“My confidence has skyrocketed! After struggling to attract our ideal clients, we finally have a brand identity that fits us and is bringing in more qualified leads. If you’re on the fence about working with Carrie, I say “DO IT!!!” The BEST investment you will ever make in your business!”

kendra • kendra's events



“We wanted a friendlier, more intentional website experience to attract more qualified leads. Carrie was so easy to work with and definitely went above and beyond to deliver the website we envisioned. Now our online presence truly reflects the caring, timeless nature of our work.”

cynthia • everlasting weddings


“You really helped me figure out what I wanted while transitioning from my DIY website to a luxury market - and made it come to life! You really listened, and gave me the space to request changes along the way. So grateful for you! We love our new site!”

ali & garrett photography


"I felt like my website didn't truly show my work and what I am capable of. It was all over the place. Carrie was nothing short of exceptional. She somehow took everything I was envisioning and made it 10x better! My booking rate is up and new clients tell me they kept coming back to my new website!"

jolie jo photography


"Carrie will always be part of my team. She has helped me grow in so many ways. I know when something is NOT in my wheelhouse and Carrie in what she does. She really listens and takes to heart what I am looking for, then creates it better than I could have imagined. The Creative Accent customer for life."

alex blair photography


"Before working with Carrie, I struggled to create a cohesive look and feel for my business. Now, I not only have a new brand design that people love, but the whole process stimulated me to better understand the deeper values that set me apart."

jo • amplio consulting


Think of me as your brand design translator...

From mountainous Virginia to historic Europe, my experiences have been an infusion of language and culture. Being able to serve my clients in 3 different languages over the years has taught me many things, in particular the importance of getting your message across clearly. 

Brand identity design is no different. It's all about communicating your message to the right people. As the brand and website designer behind The Creative Accent, I'm here to help you visually express that special something that sets you apart ... your unique accent.