visual communication that bridges the gap between you and your audience so you can grow with confidence

strategic brand & web design


visual communication that bridges the gap between you and your audience so you can grow with confidence

strategic brand & web design


Brand visuals have a language all their own, communicating volumes to your audience in an instant. Everything from your color palette, choice of typography, and photography style all collaborate together to send a message about your brand to the world. Our design studio is here to create clarity across all your brand touchpoints to ensure that nothing gets lost in translation.

Does your branding speak the love language of your people?

connection-driven design

Side hustle solutions that include Showit website templates, semi-custom branding options, and more

For businesses needing a strategic brand identity and online presence to build long-term connection with their audience

Quick and efficient design support for established businesses needing website updates and on-brand collateral

for your brand

Creative Solutions

Website Templates for Showit

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organic • artisan • feminine

elegant • fine art • refined

From mountainous Virginia to the mid-west to Europe, my experiences so far have been an infusion of language and culture. Being able to serve my clients in 3 different languages over the years has taught me many things, in particular the importance of good communication and being able to get your message across. 

Brand design is no different. It's all about communication, being able to translate the essence of your business into stunning visuals that speak to the audience you serve. As the brand and web designer behind The Creative Accent, I'm here to help you visually express that special something that sets you apart ... your unique accent.

a blend of cultures & accents

Carrie here!

joni watson dds • virginia

"The experience was truly exceptional! Not only did we receive a wonderful brand design but also learned a lot about myself and what I want for the business in the process! As a new business, we wanted to make sure our logo and brand fit how we wanted our office to look feel. Carrie was able to help us narrow down and identify the emotions we wanted to convey and designed our brand and logo to be a perfect fit."

alex blair • texas

I would describe Carrie and her work in one word - ELOQUENT. She makes sure what she creates has meaning and she is very intentional with her time. She does not half do anything. Carrie has the most perfect expression and poise from zoom calls to emails to her final work. She makes my vision better than I imagined.

heidi • belgium

"I'm so happy with my new logo! Carrie and I were immediately on the same page starting with the moodboard, which resonated with the direction I wanted to go for my floral styling business. My vision really shines through in the branding!"

angela • vermont

I purchased a Showit template about a year ago and had all these grand plans to do it myself, but let's be a small business owner, I just didn't have the time. So thankful to have found Carrie! She knows Showit so well and even went above and beyond to help me with some email marketing and SEO.

maria • finland

If you need a new website or want that extra special touch to look more professional, there is no one better to help you than Carrie! It was such a joy to work with her... from the first contact to the launch of my new and much improved website.

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