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Introducing the One Page Website Template for Showit

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A one page website template: What it is and who it’s for

Does the thought of maintaining a 6+ page website overwhelm you? Are you ready to stand out from the same cookie cutter landing pages your competitors are using? Then keep reading. A one page website template might be the solution you’re looking for!

Here at The Creative Accent, we recently launched our first mini website templates for Showit. These mini sites are designed to simplify your online presence, save you time in upkeep, and streamline your customer’s journey. One page websites are ideal for coaches, independent consultants, and other small business owners who specialize in one main service or offering.

Are single page website templates really just one page?

Yes…and no. The homepage is the central page which contains all the core details you’d find on a traditional multi-page website (about, services, testimonials, contact, etc). However, our mini website templates include a few “unsung hero” pages that make for a better overall experience. These pages include:

  • 404 page
  • Legal page – for your privacy policy and terms & conditions
  • Blog – layout for the main blog that connects to WordPress
  • Individual Blog Page
  • Blog 404

one page website vs landing page

Landing pages typically have a more narrow focus than a traditional website, or even a one-page microsite. They are used for one specific purpose (to capture emails or get sign ups for example). All the information on a landing page is geared toward this one goal. A business might create many different landing pages for their varying freebies and sales funnels that exist alongside their main website.

A one page website often mirrors the strategy of a landing page by focusing on one main call-to-action (such as booking a call or filling out a contact form). By contrast, one page sites can also serve as a sort of central hub, showcasing multiple facets of a business in a simplified, easy-to-navigate way.

one page website vs multiple pages

Single page websites often mimic the navigation of a traditional multiple page site. They might include staple sections such as About, Services, Portfolio, FAQs, Contact, etc. However, rather than building out individual pages, the one-page website will guide the visitor through these sections on a single page.

Introducing one page website templates designed for Showit by The Creative Accent

Benefits of having a one-page website

One page websites take the content of a full multiple-page site and condense it down to the essentials. This can benefit both the user and the brand in a number of ways. A few advantages of one page website templates include ease of use, clearer navigation, the potential for higher conversions, probability of standing out from the competition, and an improved customer journey. Let’s take a look at each of those in more detail.

Easier to maintain

You start off with a shiny new website, but then weeks, months and even YEARS pass by without any updates. Portfolios get outdated. Messaging is no longer on-brand. The copyright in your footer still reads 2020. Sound familiar?

The overwhelm involved with maintaining an up-to-date website is real, and many business owners who DIY their websites just avoid it altogether.

There’s no way around it. The more website pages you have, the more there is to design, optimize for SEO, and ultimately maintain. The advantage of a one-page website is the simplicity of keeping just one page updated, rather than 6 or more that come with a traditional website.

Clear Navigation

Navigation is everything when it comes to the customer journey. Without clear navigation, visitors can quickly get lost in the weeds and click away in confusion. That’s why it’s one of the focus points in our free 5-Day Website Revamp Challenge.

So first things first. Whether you are using a website with one page or multiple, it’s essential to use a simple navigation and clear calls-to-action throughout.

Our one page website templates include a “sticky” navigation bar. This means that the navigation buttons that link to each section will remain visible while the user browses the site. Sticky navigation bars enable users to move back and forth between information while remaining on the same page. This greater sense of orientation can improve the overall user experience.

Questions about how our one page website navigation is set up? Watch this video tutorial for an inside look!

Potential for higher conversions

One page websites can lead to higher conversion rates for several reasons. One is the ease of navigation that we just discussed. The second is the quality-over-quantity content that will usually center around a single action step for the visitor (such as filling out the contact form). With multi-page websites, the user may get distracted along the way searching through multiple pages and not make it to the contact page at all.

Stand out from competitors

Customizing a one page website template to match your brand can help you stand out from all your competitors who use well-known free tools like Linktree, Milkshake, and Campsite. The layouts (in the free versions at least) nearly always feel more branded for the specific platform than for your own business. I do understand the appeal for these tools of course, especially if a whole website feels too taxing on your time, nerves or budget.

That’s why one-page websites are a happy middle ground for the small business owner. It’s a fully-functioning website that comes with all the perks of having your own professional-looking site with far less hassle.

More control over the customer journey

When designing your website, it’s important to have a strategy in mind. Where do you want your visitors to go first, second, third, and eventually end up? Which information do they need to see in order to take the next step and reach out to you?

These steps can all be achieved on a multiple page website of course, but the risk of a user clicking down a rabbit hole and not following your carefully laid plan is much higher. One page websites give you more control over the overall flow and how users will experience the information on your site. Again, the focus here is on quality over quantity. A one-page website calls for less fluff and more essentials.

Plus, all your website traffic will come to a single page, giving every visitor the same starting point in their journey.

mockup of Ellie Jane, a one page website template for Showit designed by The Creative Accent
Mini Ellie Jane – a one page website template for Showit. Try the demo here.

Is a one page website template right for your business?

Ah, that’s the ultimate question! In my opinion, many smaller service-based businesses often don’t need an elaborate multiple page website. Businesses like coaches, consultants, and virtual assistants can benefit from the simplicity and straightforwardness of a one-page websites. This gives them the professional look they need to stand out, while keeping the investment low (in terms of both time and money).

Curious to check out our new mini Showit website templates? Head over to the shop and test drive the demo links.

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