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Luxury Wedding Planner Rebrand for Kendra’s Events

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How this wedding planner rebrand landed her on luxury preferred vendor lists and attracted more qualified leads.

Kendra is the talented florist and luxury wedding planner from Texas behind Kendra’s Events. Before the rebrand, she felt like her current brand and website didn’t truly match who she was and the clients she wanted to attract. Trying to DIY and figure it out on her own proved to be a frustrating experience. In Kendra’s own words:

“No matter what I tried to do, it was a downward spiral that led to confusion and overwhelm. It started sucking the joy out of what I do.” -Kendra

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Every rebrand starts with a strategy

After a 1:1 brand strategy deep-dive, important realizations began to take shape. Kendra gained clarity about exactly who she wants to serve, the brides looking to indulge in the creativity and expertise of full service wedding planning.

While her previous styling didn’t have the necessary high-end feel to reach this market, the strategy insights enabled us to make intentional design decisions. We put together a typography hierarchy that communicated her professionalism and expertise. Her color palette was refined and expanded to include shades of purple, a color that conveys vision, prosperity, and attentiveness.

Additionally, Kendra was ready to move away from her Wix website, which felt too generic and didn’t capture the personality of her brand. She decided to switch to Showit and the Castella website template was chosen because of its elevated and luxurious feel. Lots of white space, dynamic videos and photos as well as highlighted testimonials all ensured a more comprehensive experience for the redesign of her website.

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new rack design for Kendra's Events wedding planner rebrand
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The impact of this wedding planner rebrand

Brand clarity

Since the rebrand, Kendra has noticed several ways that the rebrand has directly impacted her business. First and foremost, she feels more confident in her brand’s direction and who she wants to attract. It has cut out all the noise that bombarded her before. This clarity helps her weather the storms of temptation and doubt that all business owners encounter from time to time.

Increased quality of leads

Secondly, Kendra is seeing an increase in the quality of leads coming through her site. Even though the inquiry volume was higher in years prior, she would often end up wasting hours putting together proposals only to realize that they weren’t the right fit in the end. Now she’s seeing leads come in who are her ideal client, which is leading to a stronger conversion rate.

Invited to join more luxury wedding preferred vendor lists

About 6 months after the rebrand, luxury venues in the Fort Worth, Texas area started reaching out, wanting to add Kendra’s Events to their list of preferred vendors. This is helping her to both grow her network with other wedding professionals and get more visibility for her brand.

The biggest rebrand take-away?

The importance of patience and consistency

Branding is about building recognition and trust, and that takes time. Clients need to interact with your brand multiple times across different touch points. Just like the luxury wedding venues that reached out after 6 months, clients also want to see your consistency.

That’s why maintaining a cohesive brand identity is so important. That’s why a rebrand is really an investment in the new direction of your business for the next 5-10 years. It’s also why changing up your brand colors, fonts, etc too often is subtly undermining your brand’s credibility.

“This year and next year is where we are really going to feel the impact of a rebrand.” -Kendra

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