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Write great website copy inspired by client testimonials

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Client testimonials: Your hidden resource for writing great website copy

We’ve all been there before. Staring at the blank page and blinking cursor. Whether it’s for the blog, website, or social media captions, writing great copy for your business can be a struggle. But the good news is, you likely have an amazing free resource at your disposal right now: your client testimonials and feedback. This article will explore one of my little hacks for writing great website copy for clients, a simple strategy that you can start implementing too!

Why it’s important to listen to your clients

Clients (as well as prospects who went another way) can offer a wealth of insight into how your audience views your business. After all, they are the ones seeing and experiencing your brand from the outside. We small business owners are usually too close to the project, right?

To give a personal example, I’ve had multiple people tell me that I come across as peaceful, a compliment I welcome with open arms because (ironically) I usually want to feel more at peace, lol. I’ve even been told that my walk is peaceful. I’m not sure how one achieves that exactly, but here’s the point: I doubt I’d ever describe myself this way.

Clients will use adjectives and comment about your business (or service/product) in ways that you might not come up with yourself – if only we ask them!

Make client follow-up part of your workflow

Keep a steady stream of kind words flowing your way by making client follow-up a regular part of your workflow. When a project comes to an end, send clients a simple questionnaire to gather feedback. Even better if this step can be automated! I use Dubsado (affiliate link) to organize all my client proposals, invoices, contracts, and feedback questionnaires.

Want to go the extra mile? Follow up with the clients that DIDN’T book with you. This may not be the most pleasant inquiry, but with an open mind and a gentle spirit, you just might gain the insights necessary to make strategic, impactful adjustments in your business model.

Testimonials that make great website copy

All client feedback is valuable (even negative ones), though I find three types of testimonials particularly useful for writing great website copy. These are testimonials that speak to the experience, the obstacle, and the transformation. If you’ve done your brand strategy research, you’ll already have a solid understanding of these concepts and how they apply to your audience, industry and unique market position. Nevertheless, it’s always helpful to see them confirmed in your client feedback. Let’s break down each testimonial type and look at a few website copy examples.

The Experience Testimonials

These are testimonials that describe the emotions around how the client experienced your brand. This often includes the client’s perspective on how they were treated, the process, expectations that were exceeded, and the overall impression they were left with.

When writing the website copy for Kendra’s Events, I noticed a lot of descriptive language in her client reviews. Happy newlyweds described their joy at specific wedding details that were planned to perfection. This inspired me to make the experience come alive in her copy through similar descriptive language that both appealed to the senses and highlighted the intricate nature of her creativity (see example below).

website copy example from Kendra's Events website

Original review goes something like this…

“Jane went above and beyond for us throughout the entire process. Every detail was planned to perfection! She even managed to incorporate my grandmother’s lace tablecloths!”

…and becomes this compelling website copy

“Your dream celebration, expertly planned from start to finish. Whether it’s incorporating your grandmother’s lace or designing that impossible floral statement piece, our mission is to make your wedding one to remember, down to the most intimate of details.”

The Obstacle Testimonials

You can also think of these as “pain point” testimonials. Essentially, these are the client reviews that tackle previous doubts that were dispelled. These types of testimonials often feel the most genuine because they show vulnerability and hesitation. When clients share obstacles that initially stood in the way of them working with you, they are actually helping you tackle the potential objections that your FUTURE clients are likely facing.

Original review goes something like this…

“To be honest, I thought the process wouldn’t be much fun at all, more of a chore even. But Ashley really proved me wrong! She made us feel so comfortable in front of the camera and it really shows in the final result!”

…and becomes this compelling copy for your website

“No stiff, boring poses here! Our relaxed approach will help your personality shine through, so your wedding photos feel true to you.”

The Transformation Testimonials

Transformation testimonials speak to what it’s like on the other side of the journey. This helps prospective clients get a glimpse of what it’s like to work with you and what your product or service can help them achieve. Like the others, these client reviews are also full of emotional language, but often contain the practical, real results of goals met as well.

Original review goes something like this…

“My confidence has skyrocketed!!! After struggling to attract our ideal clients for so long, we finally have a brand that fits us and brings in more qualified leads. In fact, our inquiries are up 30% since launching the new website!”

…and becomes this great website copy

“Ready to see your confidence soar? You’re just a few weeks away from seeing more qualified leads filling up your inbox. Book a call today to find out how we can design a purposeful brand identity that fits your business.”

Where to include this website copy on your site

In addition to using client testimonials just as they are (social proof) throughout your site, you can use them to spark inspiration when writing your website copy. The examples above give you a glimpse of this process. Now, the question: Where do you include this type of copy on your website?

I find that these copywriting snippets work really well as one-liners and headers, as well as calls-to-action. The obstacle testimonials can inspire FAQ’s to add to your sales or services page. But truly, you can use the insight and descriptive words from your clients anywhere on your site. Maybe it’s just that one unique adjective a client used to describe your work or a tiny unsung detail in your process that left such a positive impression. All of these and more can inspire your copywriting!

an important reminder

Remember, updating your testimonials and reaching out for fresh feedback from your clients is an ongoing process, just like maintaining your website. Your copywriting also needs a refresh from time to time. That’s one reason I address both the importance of client testimonials as well as website copy best practices inside the free 5-Day Website Revamp Challenge. Inside we cover 5 key topics to give your website a quick refresh as well as FREE Showit website designs to make implementing these strategies even easier. If you haven’t already signed up, you can do that here.

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